Honesty Hour 2

1. What is your middle name?
- Syahirah

2. Are you wearing makeup?
- Nope

3. What colour is your toothbrush?
- Blue

4. Approximately how many posters are hung up in your room?
- Approximately zero

5. What does your hair product smell like?
- I use medical shampoo

6. Where would rather be right now?
- London

7. What is the temperature outside?
- 31 C

8. Have you ever dyed your hair? If so what colour?
- Nope

9. What is the funniest word you know?
- Jelly (jealous)

10. Name your favourite band starting with the letter 'M'
- Muse

11. What is your favourite pick up line? And has anyone ever used it on you?
- ......

12. Describe your first icon using only verbs
- Beautiful

13. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought with your own money?
- My handphone. 

14. State your favourite letter of the alphabet
- F

15. What is your favourite accent?
- British/Scottish

16. How did you celebrate the new year?
- Tumblr -.-

17. What do you call a brown fizzy drink that usually comes in a can?
- Root beer?

18. Do you like fish?
- Well, yeah.

19. What is your most used tag?
- Hot guy

20. Would you rather ask someone out or be asked out?
- Be asked

21. What is your favourite Olympic sport to watch?
- I hate sports

22. Have you ever dumped anyone?
- Hmm.. nope!

23. What do you want to be when you grow up?
- I'm taking electrical engineering now. so....

24. Have you ever been to the United States? If so, where?
- Nope

25. What instrument have you always wanted to play?
- Drum

26. Describe your dream partner's eye colour
- Chocolate or if i can have him, then blue.

27. What do you order at diners?
- Pancakes

28. Coffee or espressos?
- Espressos

29. What is the most annoying song on the radio at the moment?
- Gangnam Style -.-

30. How many contacts do you have on your phone?
- Does anyone ever count it?

31. What type of music player do you own?
- Walkman

32. Describe your favourite painting
- I've no idea

33. What was the best present you have ever received?
- Smiles from my mother

34. Spring or Fall? Why?
- Spring. i don't know. it seems calm maybe.

35. What was the last text you received? Who was it from?
- Hmm. about our vacation. laili

36. Would you ever paint your room pink?
- It's already pink in color

37. What colour is your underwear?
- ......

38. Favourite perfume scent?
- Vanilla

39. What celebrity do you think needs to drop off a cliff?
- .......

40. Do blue eyes turn you on?
- Hahahahahaha. What color do i use right now?

41. What meat do you prefer in a sandwich?
- Beef

42. Would you ever wear a sweater to school?
- I don't have any sweater at that time

43. What is the name of your current ringtone?
- Bottom Dollar

44. Glasses or contacts?
- Glasses

45. What shoes do you normally wear to school?
- PVC ?

46. Where is your nearest television?
- At my brother's room

47. What is your favourite vegetable?
- Kangkung

48. When was the last time you drank milk?
- Yesterday? 

49. What was your lowest grade in school?
Hmm.. D. hahaha~

50. Are you using Google chrome?
- Nope, Mozilla

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