Friday, May 10, 2013

NHUD facebook page
okay, since saya akan busy tak menentu dalam masa beberapa hari je lagi, saya buat page ni. senang kalau nak tahu update pasal e-novel saya. :)

apa-apa, usha kat situ la ye. sorry sangat-sangat pasal lambat update. :\ saya try habiskan secepat yang mungkin okay!

ini linknya - click here

and thanks pada yang mencadangkan saya untuk buat page ni. :)

(tak tahulah berguna ke x ada page ni. hahahaha. kalau x, saya delete je balik. lol~)

if anyone of you are a friend of mine, jangan bagitahu siapa-siapa pasal page ni okay. thank you.

Hey dear friends. Thank you so much for reading this story. Feel free to ask anything that comes to your mind in the comment below


  1. Replies
    1. hahaha. boleh :P kalau orang tanya amy jeff tu aku ke, ko kelentong la sikit. hahahaha

  2. Hi Weirdo! Not ready for revealing? Wanna have 2 identities trapped in 1 soul? Careful!! Tqvm for being so sensitive towards your readers' needs!!


    1. hello. hmm, not sure about that. because most of my friends are not a fan of malay novels. they are into comics, english novel and whatnot. so, i don't know if they'll support me or not if i tell them about this. hmm.. (except for my bestie and you guys)

      yes, eventually they'll know about this. but not now, i'm not ready yet.


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