Honesty Hour

kampung subang
dengar lagu hindustan. (layan perasaan)
sorry, saya sangat suka buat bendalah ni. hahaha -.-" this question is given by someone for me.

0) height?
approximately 5’

1) virgin?
what the f...

2) shoe size?
 5 or 6

3) do you smoke?

4) do you drink?

5) do you take drugs?
why do i need it?

6) age you get mistaken for
anywhere from 20-25

7) have tattoos?
i do not

8) want tattoos?
hell no

9) got any piercings?
nope, allergics

10) want any piercings?

11) best friend?
hana the crazy one. hehe :P

12) relationship status
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. single.

13) age

14) biggest regret
not gonna tell

15) favorite movie
Jason Statham movies

16) ill love you if
you are Zac Efron or Freddie Highmore or Stephen Amell or Jesse Spencer or Taylor Kinney



17) someone you miss
my late father and uncle

18) most traumatic experience
september 27, 2006 (abah and asyu meninggal dalam satu kemalangan di Mekah waktu bulan puasa. Hari yang kelima)

19) a fact about my personality
i'm weird. if you don't like me being weird, then don't bother to get to know me.

20) what i hate most about myself
i'm too freaking shy with guys.

21) what i love most about myself
i can talk about anything for hours. hahahahahaha.

22) what i want to be when i get older
a happy wife and mother

23) relationship with my siblings
well, air yang dicincang takkan putus.

24) relationship with parents
the best

25) idea of a perfect date
be a creative guy. don't ask me.

26) favorite pet

27) desc of girl/boy i like
he's taller than me, wears glasses, short hair, he's shy too(why? -.-), he's left handed, he can be a leader but he doesn't have the confidence to lead people.

28) desc of person i dislike the most
she gets awards for whining on beat and throwing pathetic attempts of shade and everyone fucking hates her and she can stop wasting teardrops on her guitar

29) a reason I’ve lied to a friend
to protect them

30) what i hate most about work/school

31) what my last text says
kita nak pergi bercuti dah beb!

32) what words upset me the most
you're disappointing, you’re a disappointment, you’ve disappointed me… versions of that i suppose

33) what words make me feel the best about myself
i like your taste in music, you make me happy, you’re a good friend, etc

34) what i find attractive in women
happy smile

35) what i find attractive in men
honestly, the six pack. lol~ and a bright smile. 

36) where i would like to live
London, New Zealand, Australia

37) one of my insecurities

38) my childhood career choice
doctor. semua pilih doktor punya.

39) favorite ice cream flavor
ermmm.. i don't have any favorites.

40) who i wish i could be
Jack or Finn Harries' girlfriend. hahahahahahaha.

41) where i want to be right now
London please.

42) the last thing i ate
ikan pari bakar. yummy~

43) sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately
Colton Haynes and Stephen Amell.

44) a random fact about anything
Siapa yang benci hindustan, jangan kawan dengan saya. please.. just please...


  1. Yeahhh freddie highmore *sep*! xD

    hahaa i take that crazy word as a compliment xD
    hoi hedgehog tak tajam ke? haha

    eh jap, bukan kau tgh getaway ke langkawi ke ni?

    1. hahaha. dia comel gila kot. geram aku!!!

      yes, please take that as a compliment. because i'm crazy too :P
      hedgehog x tajam pun. nampak je macam tu. hahaha.

      aku kat Kedah ni, balik kampung. aku letak semua post dalam queue. hehe

  2. Hi Weirdo! Emm.. found similarities here.. weird, happy wife and mother and more to list but.. the most important Hindustan!!! Hi-5 dear! Arjun Rampal, John Abraham.. LOL!! I positively declare that I'm crazy 3 4 5 6


    1. hello! ^^, hahaha. oh my oh my!! ada jugak yang sama dengan saya!!! i like you a lot <3 hahahaha.

      xde sape boleh lawan Arjun Rampal. my hero... ohhhh... and Shahid Kapoor. hehehe.

      #yesiknowwhoyouare# :))


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