Please take a smile c:

kampung subang
melalut dengan Taylor Gogan

okay, siapa-siapa yang pernah or tengah rasa down dengan someone or something, saya nak tunjuk sikit dekat awak pasal ni. :)

so please please, be happy! terima diri kita seadanya. saya rasa kekurangan juga. i feel insecure about something. but guys, don't make people use your flaws against you. that's fucking wrong! you are beautiful, you are not perfect, but you'll complete someone's life perfectly :)



  1. Hi Weirdo! That's the spirit!! Been missing you writing! Luckily had some space today! Am enjoying! Indeed, don't ever let the self-esteem in control! Let us be judged not on par in their eyes of judgement so long we are uphill for HIM, our Al-Mighty! Take care dear. Am forever would be tailing and connecting you in this cyber-world!!



hello dear ! thanks for dropping by. i'll make sure to reply asap !

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