Friday, May 3, 2013

special to NHUD readers :)
7:47:00 PM

special to NHUD readers :)

yeah, i made it myself. yes, i'm not creative i know.

i love you all readers! especially yang rajin komen :) i'll remember you guys forever (walaupun kita x mungkin bersua - amboi ayat kau). but seriously, i really appreciate it!!

lagi-lagi yang rajin bagi komen. tanpa komen dari korang, mungkin saya x dapat habiskan novel ni sepenuhnya. because i need to know what do you guys feel when you read this story. maybe ada orang yang x suka, sebab saya punya ayat sangat-sangatlah simple. yes, i do know that. but selagi korang x cakap 'go die' or 'kill yourself, nobody likes you', saya akan try habiskan cerita ni secepat yang mungkin.

and pada yang speaking dengan saya dalam blog ni, please don't ever stop doing that. saya pun masih cuba improve english saya. saya suka ber-speaking dengan orang dalam blog. sebab in reality, saya jarang sangat cakap inggeris sebab saya takut salah. yeah, i still have that feelings you know. lagi-lagi cakap dengan orang yang power english ni. lagi susah korang nak dengar aku cakap english tahu. -.-

and kat sini, nobody (my friends) knows about my blog. kalau ada yang baca blog ni and you do know me in real life, omg! please don't ever talk to me about this novel. EVER! malu lah T__T

okay, that's all. ada lagi berapa chapter tu x tahulah. tapi adalah dalam 200 muka surat lagi. hahahahahaahahahaha. that's all. adios!

and i'm soooo sorry kalau ada yang pernah terasa dengan cerita saya or apa yang saya cakap sebelum-sebelum ni. i didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings. well, maybe sorang dua. tapi itu masalah antara kawan. let bygones be bygones. urgh~


  1. teruskan menulis...jangan berhenti menulis kisah mirza dan ainul...

  2. hai! i just found your enovel while browsing through the web, to be honest im not that kind of person who is into malay novel, especially when it comes to love and marriage life, but just awed me! and i cant stop reading though i know my exam is just few weeks away!! please finish it faster, just can wait for the ending!..hihi, btw, your english is good! dont feel insecure about it.
    and congratulation, you just got yourself a new fan!

    1. hello RFF :) oh, thank you so much. i'm really glad you like it. i'll try to finish it asap. insya-ALLAH.

      and good luck for you exam! ^^,

  3. Hi My Weirdo Girl.... What a pleasant surprise.. rasa macam sgt istimewa.. LOL. Prasan sekejap ada something awesome macam ni. But then, lion isn't that cutie my dear.. seramlah pulak.

    To RFF.. u've got my hi-5 yeah. Indeed she has the charm. :-)


    1. hello Lily ^^, saya hargai segala komen daripada korang semua. sebab kalau korang xde, saya xtahulah apa jadi dengan cerita saya ni. jadi pekasam je. lol~

      and thanks a lot! :))


hello dear :) x salah pun baca sambil komen kan.