Every road that I've been down
The only truth that I have found
There's only one thing I can't live without

I was searching for something I thought I would never find
Losing my mind
In and out of bad love, I thought I was born to lose
Then came you
I thought I knew what the real thing was
But nothing shakes me like your love does
I've been hypnotized
Now I realize

Every time I get lost in a temperamental mood
You still stay cool
Just when I think that this life's about to drive me insane
You take the reins
Every time I feel I'm drifting off course
You're my compass, you're my one true north
In a mixed up world
You make sense to me girl

Yeah, every road girl
Leads me to you
And baby, that's all I need to know

Every road that I've been down in my life
Every time I feel I'm taking off
Every road that I've been down in my life
Every road girl, leads me to you
Yes it did, yes it did
Every road girl
Every road leads me to you

p/s : i really love this song ^^, and i'm in love with the band! buat lagu time kahwin nanti lah. hahahahaha. -.-


  1. Hi Weirdo! I'll pray that this song would be aired during the reception of yours one day.. In Sya Allah!

    No matter how hard you try to avoid, if he is destined for your, indeed every road leads him to you...


    1. hello! insya-ALLAH, kalau nenek bagi lah. hehehe.

      mudah-mudahannya macam tu la. :)


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