The Bucket List

1. Travel to London, Paris and New Zealand

2. Meet Ed Sheeran

3. Find my Mr. Right

4. Have my first kiss

5. Wear his clothes

6. Road trip with girlfriends  ✓ - to Pulau Langkawi! next destination - Pulau Redang/ Perhentian

7. Buy my own house

8. Have a career (lecturer)

9. Pet a hedgehog or red panda

10. Have more than 2 kids

11. Celebrate birthday with husband

12. Be someone's first choice

13. Dance in the rain with him

14. Kiss under the moonlight

15. Be the best student in high school  ✓ woohoo!

16. Learn another language  ✓ English. duh

17. Donate blood

18. Have a baby fall asleep in my arm

19. Hindi movie marathon

20. Have my own wedding gown

21. Learn to swim

22. Go on a spontaneous road trip  ✓ To Pulau Pinang with ex-mrsm buddies! 

23. Own a walk-in closet

24. Have a deep conversation with a stranger  

25. Ride a hot air balloon

26. Ride a big motorcycle

27. Own a dream catcher

28. Feel the snow with my own hand

29. Have a romantic night picnic

30. Admit that I like him

31. Go on a movie date

32. Drink hot chocolate with the one I love

33. Bake apple pie

34. Have a bonfire

35. Hold hands to keep warm

36. Work at a daycare

37. Explore a shipwreck

38. Sleep in the ocean

39. Have floating lanterns at my wedding

40. Attend my best friend's wedding

41. Own a Prada purse  

42. Get something named after me

43. Be hugged from behind

44. Visit the igloo village

45. Graduate

46. Write a book  ✓ 

47. Go to Scotland

48. Experience chairlifts

49. Grow old with someone I love

50. First class travel

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