Dard Dilon ke - The Pain of Hearts

The pains of hearts would have gone less
if I and you had become 'us' instead..

How good the weathers would have become,
had you and me become 'us' instead..

Without I don't get peace,
I don't get calm..
All those illusions would have gone away,
If I and you have become 'us'..

Love is incomplete, world is incomplete,
fulfill my wish please.
This heart just wants,
that your and my story should be complete.
Every problem would have become easy,
had me and you become 'us'..

There is nothing remaining, but the heart doesn't agree,
This heart's things, the heart only knows.
We'll both meet somewhere one day,
On this hope alone am I alive.
Every destination would have been easy [to reach]
Had me and you become us..

p/s : layan lagu sedih malam ni sebab nak sambung buat Nafasku Hanya Untuk Dia S.E. sobs~

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  1. agaknya berapa lama syira tak singgah sini ye ?
    hehe..maaf kurang blogwalking..

    1. entahlah.

      takpe. ^^, take your time. masing-masing busy kan.


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