Liebster Award Nomination -Part 4-

thanks to wawa for tagging me. ^^,

1. When was the last time you kiss your mother?

- I'm not sure. about 2 months ago. waaaa....i cannot wait to go home already T__T

2. What is the most special gift you have give to your parents?

- Me being the best SPM 2009 student in MRSM KB. teehee..

3. What memories that you can not be forgotten?

- i can't remember.

4. Where did you learn about blogging?

- maybe on 2010.

5. Find a picture that you think is the most hilarious and give a reason why?

- haha. this is my little brother. sometimes, he just likes to pose like that ^^,

6. If given a choice to go on a trip, where would you want to go? why?

- again, London and New Zealand. i think maybe because of the nice good looking men over there. hahaha.

7. At what age you will get married?

- well, i hope before i reach 26

8. If given the choice to marry a celebrity, who do you prefer?

- hmm..this is the toughest choice i have to make. maybe this guy. :P

9. Hadiah paling istimewa yang pernah anda dapat dan nyatakan hadiah tersebut or gambar

- Hadiah? let's see. i got a box full of cute doodles of me and friends drawn by my one and only bestfriend. i don't have the photo right now. but yeah, i think that is the most special gift i've ever received.

and oh yeah, the plastic flowers that my little pumpkin gave. the thoughts that count, aye?

10. Pada pandangan anda, kenapa motosikal kawasaki popular di kalangan lelaki?

- i've no idea. i'll ask them next time. :D

11. Kalau anda adalah orang terkaya dalam dunia ni, apa yang akan anda lakukan?

- TRAVEL!! yes, i'd love to do that. 

sebenarnya, dah tak tahu nak tag siapa. nanti kalau ada masa, aku cari ye. 

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