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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dear Muslimah, Before You Love A Man

Here some words to every girls,

No matter where you stand, please love yourself before you love a man. 
Appreciate your life now. 
Cover your aurah properly. 
Watch your words and the way you dress.
It’s okay ,you don’t have to take a drastic move. 
A little bit by bit is enough and soon, you’ll get close to Him. 
And guess what? 
A real guy (your future husband) going to love you the way you are :) 
Sometimes, we’re busy finding a prefect romeo when we,ourselves are full with imperfection and our relationship with Allah isn’t strong.

Princesses, the power is in your hand. Think wisely. Jannah is ours.

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  1. suka tgk blog awak. cantik kemas. yup sokong entry u tu :)

  2. Replies
    1. indeed. ^^, kalau sendiri tak sayang, nak sayang orang lain pun susah.

  3. sokong sesangat...learn to love yourself first before loving others :)


hello dear :) x salah pun baca sambil komen kan.