Aku Kan Ada

By Amy J - 4:23:00 PM

Who are you waiting for? I'm right here.     
Just take one look, I'm right here.
Who are you waiting for? I'm right here.     
Just take a look; I'm right here.
Why are you silent? 
Say whatever you have to say. 
Ask for as much love as your heart desires, you'll get that much love — 
I'm here, aren't I?   
Who are you waiting for? I'm right here.      
Just take one look; I'm right here.
If you ever imagine, or you see,  
oh, how much love I have for you,
then don't keep quiet. Tell me this:
Oh, where is there such a lover,
who would give not only his heart, but his very life to you? 
Then I'll say, I'm right here, your Honour!
If there's some matter in your heart that needs telling, tell it to me!
Day or night, tell it to me.  
Whatever difficulty or worry may arise,  
if something doesn't strike you as right, tell me!   
Whatever your desire, whatever your wish...    
never let it trouble you; I'm right here!
Who are you waiting for? I'm right here.           
Just take one look over here; I'm right here.


-Main Hoon Na- 

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  1. baru ingat nak komen 'main hoon na?'.. tapi tengok ada dah kat bawah tu.hehe

  2. ni... akak pon kat sini haaaaa... nampak tak? haha

  3. haaa... kupukupu pon hadooooo..hikss!

  4. Eh, ni lirik lagu ke?.. saje tanya :)

    1. iye kak ros, Main Hoon Na ^^, shah rukh khan. heeee

  5. hehehe.. Main Hoon Na :) Hindustani Mood..lalalal ~

    1. heeee.. saya kalau hindustan, sentiasa ada mood. XP

  6. Orang berchenta suka sebut..
    "aku kan ada untuk kamu."

    1. hahaha.. bila dah tak suka, ayat pun bertukar XP

  7. Klau akak Jm x de tempat mengadu cari Amy lah, amy kan ada :-)


hello dear :) x salah pun baca sambil komen kan.