Tanpa Sedar, Aku Mencintaimu

Cinta Aku dan Dia

Oh! This friendship...

My heart is so mindless,
It never understands,
The impatient heart can be the biggest fool
It loves you so much
That the heart itself does not understand
Now someone here,

Make a wish for this pain of the heart
That it finds that rain of love and drench it completely
Relationship, these relationship

I don't know what happens when i'm with you
That I cannot come to my senses
My word stuck on my tongue, but just can't get spoken

My heartbeats with your name
And the eyes give the message too
It's all the effect of having you in my sight

I have become a new person
All talks of the world are ineffective
Now I listen to you always
I find excuses to be with you

When you smile, I wish I am the reason
I wish to spend all my day with you, everyday

Oh! This friendship...
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  1. Tiada persahabatan antara lelaki dan perempuan.

    My 'ex-bestfriend' told me this.

  2. bercintalah selepas menikah :)

  3. ingatkan amy nak share lirik lagu tadi hihi :)

  4. sangat menyentuh hati banget mba :)

  5. when u smile, i wish, i am the reason.... wahhh deep :D

  6. Wahh.. cinta nie.. cinta ni bagus utk kehidupan.. ia perlu disalurkan ke arah yg betul.. :) :)

  7. manis sangat :) aww...rasa berterbangan :)

  8. love is friendship bak kata Rahul Malhotra.hehe

    1. "pyar dosti hai" --- ni ke yg Rahul ckp clm KKHH tu? kikiki


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