Oh My Life Partner

My Life Partner

10:04 p.m
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O my life-partner, the wait is nearly over
Look, the destination of love is calling out to us

The one whom I asked for in prayers, You’re that same guide/companion
It’s very difficult to walk even a single step without You

Without You, there’s no destination of love for me
(Without You, reaching the destination of love is pointless for me)

Neither am I unfaithful nor there’s less amount of love between us
It’s just that our destinies are completely different
How shall we reach the destination of love then?
quote cinta
credit to www.buzzquotes.com
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  1. semoga Amy bertemu cinta sejati denganNya. :)

  2. Zumal tetap musykil tentang cinta. Hehe ^-^

  3. Hamboiiii, haha
    Hati sudah berbunga kah ?
    Siapakah gerangannya?

  4. semoga ketemu suatu hari nanti. Insha Allah, when the time is right


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