Zalora Hijab Fashion 2015

Zalora Hijab Fashion 2015


The Islamic fashion industry is hitting the scene where designers are striving to serve the muslimah customers. Among the fashion trends getting attention from the fashionable muslimah ladies are the hijab fashion styles. This year it is seen that there are a few hijab fashion trends emerging in the industry. Women have explored and experiment their fashion looks with the various stylish hijab fashion tips. For the ladies who are out of the loop, below are three hijab fashion 2015 trends which you could probably pull off.

1.    Turkish style

The Turkish hijab style is suitable for ladies who have long hair. Tie up your hair up and wear a scarf on top giving it a nice height. This look is perfect for the ladies who want to combine the classic modern touch to their appearance. Wear something simple to enhance the focus to your turkish hijab style. This hijab fashion look will definitely draw attention to your face so make sure you put a little make up on.

2.    Turban

The turban hijab fashion style was popularized by Yuna, one of Malaysia’s local singer-songwriter. She made a successful career in style with her signature turban hijab look which gives her that sophisticated appeal. Women who want that modern hijabista appearance can definitely pull their own turban style. Wear a turtle neck top and rock that turban hijab style everywhere you go.

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3.    Simple Loop wrap

The simple loop hijab wrap will never go out of style as it is a versatile look to wear anytime of the day. Women who prefer simplicity can absolutely wear this hijab fashion to work, dinner parties, weddings and other occasions with confidence. Match it with anything you have on and still appear modest yet gorgeous from head-to-toe.

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  1. Fesyen 1 dan 3 lebih bagus sebab betul2 menutup aurat..

  2. Then pull it from one side over and across your opposite side. Pull it now gently over your back-head. Use a pin to hold it in place at the crown of your head.


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