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27. I am the founder and traveler behind Travel Minimalist. Travel Minimalist exists as a place to share and guide people throughout their journey. what's more fun than traveling around the world huh! wink wink.Haven't been everywhere..but it's on my list.

For any events - advertisement - product/food review, contact me at ameliajafri@yahoo.com



Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind.


The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you. So dress well


So long as you have food in your mouth you have solved all questions for the time being


You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.

My Journey

Semarakkan Rasa Cinta yang Baru Berputik

apalah tajuk aku kalini. lain macam pula. aku dah bertemu cinta ke? belum lagi. tapi biasalah, bila dah makin dewasa ni, macam-macam informasi yang aku baca demi menyemarakkan lagi rasa cinta suami kepada kita. ha, jangan ingat yang dah kahwin je boleh baca benda-benda macam ni. bukanlah yang sampai keterlaluan, cuma sekadar untuk mencari cara untuk memikat hati suami sentiasa. siapalah yang tak nak suami jatuh cinta dengan kita setiap hari, setiap ketika kan.

How Do I Keep My Skin Healthy

assalamualaikum and hello lads! this is my second time writing in English. so bear with me okay :) have you heard about Nanowhite Skincare? yes, I've seen it a few years back when my housemate used it as her current beauty product. and believe it or not, she still uses it until now.  
of course I was afraid to try it at first since i've bad experiences (not Nanowhite Skincare) with this kind-of famous products before. but not every products give you the same bad effect right. so i decided why not. 
there are three different kinds of beauty product in the same package. Nanowhite Awakening Snow Wash, Nanowhite Moisturizing Lotion and Nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream.

Nanowhite Awakening Snow Wash

Brand: Nanowhite
Product: Awakening Snow Wash
Price: RM16.85
Quantity: 100g

It is a unique, snowy (when it says snowy, yes definitely it will lather into foam) cool cleanser to moisturize as it cleanses, not only strip your skin off its natural protective film. HappyDermology and nano-technology give your skin a happy glow, giving it refreshed and renewed. it is suitable for all types of skins. 

how to use:
apply to face and neck. Massage gently. Then rinse off and pat dry. Use twice a day. preferably morning and night. 
well, from my experience after using this product for about 3 weeks already, I can certainly give it some credits. it smells very nice and it does clean your face really well. it sure removes each dirt or microorganism on your face to the point where it strips. after washing, my skin suddenly feels tight. it happens just for a while and my skin looks even brighter than before. thus, if you have oily skin or combination like mine, i would recommend you to buy this Nanowhite Awakening Snow Wash. this would be a good choice for you women.
but what a snow wash without a moisturizing lotion. since my high school to my final year university, i never thought a moisturizer will help you a lot in creating a perfect and healthy skin for you. later then when my friend advising me to use a complete package of any kinds of beauty product, that I started using all of them. 
so, after cleansing my face, i used Nanowhite Moisturizing Lotion. 

 Nanowhite Moisturizing Lotion

Brand: Nanowhite
Product: Moisturizing Lotion
Price: RM29.90
Quantity: 100ml

This fast absorbing, light and pH balanced formula of Moisturizing Lotion infused with Nanotechnology,Omega White-C & Natural Extract helps to reduce appearance of dark spots while increase skin moisture for long lasting up to 72 hours. it penetrates deep into your skin.
how to use:
apply on palms and gently pat onto skin till thoroughly absorbed. apply twice daily after cleansing face.
it is a nice light lotion just like it states. there is no fragrance when you apply it on your face which is good for me. a strong odor can make me dizzy. 
this lotion acts like a toner. just simply pat your face and neck gently with the lotion until it is fully absorbed. I love how the texture is so light and quickly absorbed into your face, leaving no stain. It also helps to reduce the blackhead as well as give a 72 hours protection.

Nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel Cream

Brand: Nanowhite
Product: Double Action Whitening Gel Cream
Price: RM39.90
Quantity: 30ml 
Nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel Cream with encapsulated essence release upon application to ensure maximum efficacy to deliver double action whitening for smoother and more moisturized skin. at the same time minimizes appearance of dark spots and brighten overall skin tone. 

This Gel-Cream comes in a big plastic jar with a cardboard box packaging. i find it quite amusing that I actually don't feel anything when carry it around. it is very light to carry. i thought i got an empty one. haha sorry for that. the package looks very nice since i'm a white lover. and it also has one more lid so it won't spill anywhere thus i am confident to say it is travel friendly.

how to use:
after cleansing and toning, apply evenly on face and neck, avoiding eye area. 
actually, any product that claims to whiten the skin tone attracts my attention quickly. the reason which makes me use Nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream is because it consists of concentrated vitamin C & vitamin E to deliver maximum brightening effect and prevent oxidation for longer lasting fairness. 
it carries a mild scent. i love it. and i think i've smelled it before somewhere. which used to be the same scent that i like a long time ago. it feels very pleasant on my skin. it is not exactly a clear gel and it has a thick creamy gel moisture when you applied it on your face. but fear not, you will only feel that for seconds because it blends like a dream. it is so smooth and soft in texture. i am using this cream for the last 2 weeks and I noticed a bit remarkable changes in my skin tone. a bit is quite good actually. a fast change is not trusted enough to be a good product, so my friend says.
therefore, would I recommend it to you all? yes, I can definitely recommend it to you girls especially the moisturizing lotion. they are affordable for college students as well. besides, they feel light on my face and gives me a beautiful matte finish. it really helps to blend my makeup smoothly. nevertheless, please don't take for granted by not using moisturizer and toner after you have cleansed your face. it will help you a lot later. 
and hey, i just found out Nanowhite held a beauty contest. Well, you know how thrilled I am to join all the contests in Facebook or even in any website. haha. so, I think I'm gonna try it. come and join me as well! who knows, we might be the winners :D
that's all from me. till fingers meet keyboard again. laters~
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Zumba Workout Bersama The Face Shop di True Fitness Jaya 33

assalamualaikum and hello lads! sebelum aku sambung dengan lebih lanjut apa yang aku dan blogger lain buat di True Fitness Jaya 33 bersama The Face Shop, aku nak tanya satu soalan. siapa dekat sini suka Zumba dancing? ha, tak pun any kinds of dance? tak minat? bagi housemates aku yang dah biasa hadap aku 24 jam ni, diorang memang dah kenal snagat dengan minat menari aku ni. tak kisahlah what kind of dancing pun yang ada di Youtube. kalau rasa menarik, aku akan try menari dalam bilik sorang-sorang. ini cara aku release tension setelah seharian study di kolej. 

Menu Ramadhan Combo 2016 di Ten Years

Ramadhan sudah pun tiba. dan dah dekat seminggu pun kita berpuasa kan. pejam celik pejam celik, cepat betul masa berlalu. rasa macam tak percaya pula. selalunya bila bulan Ramadhan ni, part paling famous adalah resepi dan buffet Ramadhan. minggu ni pun, aku dengan colleagues dah fikir nak makan mana untuk iftar bersama-sama. jadi, apa lagi tempat yang best untuk dikunjungi dan murah? baru sahaja haritu aku pergi ke Ten Years untuk merasa sendiri makanan sempena Ramadhan 2016 ini. best ke tak? jom kita tengok!

Contest Rawatan Percuma di Mayfair Bodyline

assalamualaikum and hello lads! well, siapalah yang tak nak muka dan badan cantik kan? untuk orang yang dah kenal aku sejak dari sekolah rendah, aku tak pernah memiliki kulit wajah menawan dan sihat seperti orang lain. macam-macam pencuci muka aku cuba semata-mata untuk jadi cantik macam gadis di luar sana juga. so aku try this one alternative. cari spa. sejak aku start menggunakan servis spa haritu, aku dah mula rasa seronok pula buat treatment untuk diri sendiri demi kesihatan dan kecergasan sepanjang hari. dulu memang agak berat untuk aku pergi ke mana-mana spa ni sebab korang pun tahu kan, confirm mahal. apatah lagi masa aku bergelar student. nak kena bayar itu semua. tapi sekarang bila dah kerja, rasa macam jadi keutamaan pula. and now, bila dah try banyak kali, this time aku cuba body and facial treatment di Mayfair Bodyline Pavilion pula.


Crystal Moist Korean Deep Ocean Water

assalamualaikum and hello lads! apa khabar semua? aku harap korang semua sihat. and alhamdulillah. dah masuk bulan Ramadhan pun kan. cepat betul masa berlalu. rasa haritu baru je hari pertama aku berpuasa. berbalik pada cerita aku, alkisahnya pelancaran media Crystal Moist Korean Deep Ocean Water ini berlangsung pada 24 Mei 2016 di Hotel Boulevard, Midvalley.

apa yang membuatkan aku excited pasal majlis ni sebab duta khas dari Korea akan datang bersama untuk melancarkan produk Crystal Moist Korean Deep Ocean Water ni. siapa? tak lain tak bukan adalah Ju Eun Young, artis KPOP dari Two X yang semakin meningkat naik sekarang ini, Atikah Suhaime dan juga Debbie Goh. aku tak sangka Ju Eun Young tu sebaya aku rupanya. jealous pula bila tengok kulitnya yang putih mulus tu. 

Come and Let Me Show You Egypt

assalamualaikum and hello lads! ha, dah berapa lama aku tak buat entri pasal Mesir. kalini, aku kongsi gambar-gambar sahaja buat tatapan korang semua. so, korang boleh nampak gambaran secara jelas apa yang ada di negara Mesir ini. jom kita travel ke Mesir bersama :)

Mengembara ke Mesir pada Musim Sejuk

yes, nampaknya kucing di sini lagi besar berbanding di Malaysia

inspiration from Bucketlistly

The Great Pyramid of Giza

it's better to ride camel here. at the Pyramid Panorama. it's much cheaper than at the Pyramid of Giza itself



Sungai Nil at night. so freaking cold!

visiting not-so-called-zoo before heading to Alexandria

can you imagine standing in front of the cage with this big bad wolf.. ops lion

King Farouk Castle. Nobody can enter the castle. i'm not sure why

Mediterranean Sea. this is still inside King Farouk Castle area


Library of Alexandria

horns everywhere!

Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque

eh, is that the Korean artist? oh, no. that's my cousin girls.


Pakej Travel: Mantop Travel & Tours Rawang
Tarikh: Disember 2015
Penerbangan: Kuwait Airways & Flynas
Suhu: 0 degree C until 23 degree C

Attraction Places to Visit in Egypt:

- Great Pyramid of Giza -
- Sphinx -
- Nil River -
- King Farouk Castle -
- Alexandria Library -
- Mediterranean Sea -
- Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque -
- Makam-Makam Nabi -
- Karnak -
- Khan el Khalili (shopping) -
- Al Azhar Park -
- Abu Al-Abbas al Mursi Mosque -

what to do when someone (street sellers) approach you? 

.: just shake your head lightly, smile and walk as fast as you can. and please don't take anything they give you even if they say it's free. they will ask for money later.

biggest disappointment when visiting Egypt?

.: Khan el Khalili. yes, it's the best place to buy anything you want but i hate the crowds and the small space between shops. urgh. excuse me for getting claustrophobic.

best place to go?

.: Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque. it only costs you around 60/80 L.E.

where I stay?

.: Tiba Pyramids Hotel. best view ever! 

what to buy during winter season?

.: i don't know. but i bought a pair of long boots for myself. it's so much affordable and comfy. 

aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku speaking. okay tu je kot. have fun. 

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Madinah and Vietnam Souvenirs Giveaway by Nafas Baru

Barang-barang yang akan diberikan dalam giveaway ini merupakan cenderamata yang saya beli di Madinah dan Vietnam. Kebetulan ada souvenir lebih jadi saya rasa lebih baik saya berikan kepada para blogger yang lain. Walaupun tak seberapa, tapi disebabkan beli di luar negara tu yang menjadikannya bernilai. Eheh. Jadi, janganlah lepaskan peluang anda!

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