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assalamualaikum and hello lads! ha, dah berapa lama aku tak buat entri pasal Mesir. kalini, aku kongsi gambar-gambar sahaja buat tatapan korang semua. so, korang boleh nampak gambaran secara jelas apa yang ada di negara Mesir ini. jom kita travel ke Mesir bersama :)

Mengembara ke Mesir pada Musim Sejuk

yes, nampaknya kucing di sini lagi besar berbanding di Malaysia

inspiration from Bucketlistly

The Great Pyramid of Giza

it's better to ride camel here. at the Pyramid Panorama. it's much cheaper than at the Pyramid of Giza itself



Sungai Nil at night. so freaking cold!

visiting not-so-called-zoo before heading to Alexandria

can you imagine standing in front of the cage with this big bad wolf.. ops lion

King Farouk Castle. Nobody can enter the castle. i'm not sure why

Mediterranean Sea. this is still inside King Farouk Castle area


Library of Alexandria

horns everywhere!

Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque

eh, is that the Korean artist? oh, no. that's my cousin girls.


Pakej Travel: Mantop Travel & Tours Rawang
Tarikh: Disember 2015
Penerbangan: Kuwait Airways & Flynas
Suhu: 0 degree C until 23 degree C

Attraction Places to Visit in Egypt:

- Great Pyramid of Giza -
- Sphinx -
- Nil River -
- King Farouk Castle -
- Alexandria Library -
- Mediterranean Sea -
- Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque -
- Makam-Makam Nabi -
- Karnak -
- Khan el Khalili (shopping) -
- Al Azhar Park -
- Abu Al-Abbas al Mursi Mosque -

what to do when someone (street sellers) approach you? 

.: just shake your head lightly, smile and walk as fast as you can. and please don't take anything they give you even if they say it's free. they will ask for money later.

biggest disappointment when visiting Egypt?

.: Khan el Khalili. yes, it's the best place to buy anything you want but i hate the crowds and the small space between shops. urgh. excuse me for getting claustrophobic.

best place to go?

.: Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque. it only costs you around 60/80 L.E.

where I stay?

.: Tiba Pyramids Hotel. best view ever! 

what to buy during winter season?

.: i don't know. but i bought a pair of long boots for myself. it's so much affordable and comfy. 

aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku speaking. okay tu je kot. have fun. 

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  1. communication kat sana easy ke?

    1. mudah kalau kita pandai cakap Arab. itupun a bit different than arab biasa kita belajar.

      english ada certain people yang tau. ada yang x.


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