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assalamualaikum and hello lads! i'm pretty sure most of us ada lagu favorite masing-masing. tak kisahlah any kinds of genres pun. tapi tak bermakna lagu happy and rancak sahaja menjadi pilihan. ikut juga mood masa tu kan. kadang-kadang muzik ni jadi expression kepada perasaan kita. sama ada tengah gembira, in love, or tengah brokenhearted. macam harini, aku terasa brokenhearted. haha. so, apa lagu aku pada harini? jom kita layan~ 

Tere Liye

I’ll change myself for you,
I’ll do anything for you
It’s my promise to you,
for ever now.

I am breathing for you,
I am living everyday for you,
you are mine and I am yours
for always now.

I now have no right on myself,
I have lived for you..
now this love won’t happen again,
I have lived for you.

You are my— and I am your— support,
I have lived for you..
Even by dying I’ll give this proof,
I have lived for you..
O, I have lived for you..

yours and mine, this relationship is not that of bodies,
but that of souls.
when someone looks at my face,
they see your face.

you are my refuge, and my shadow,
you are my house, and I am your abode.
you are my destination and I am your traveller,
I’ve stopped at you only.

one day my time will be over,
this life will come to an end.
then too, you be close to me,
when the heartbeat stops.

I breathe the last
in your arms,
this alone is my last wish now.

kalau perhatikan balik, nampak macam lagu happy. tapi kalau tengok movie dia, this is one sad love song. and of course, dari movie Hindustan. lagu apa je lagi aku minat. haha. thanks to Mithoon sebab sangat pandai (awesome) dalam mencipta lirik bermakna macam ni. 

Movie: Sanam Re
Music: Mithoon
Lyrics: Mithoon
Singer: Ankit Tiwari
how I wish he could notice me..
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  1. saya baru tau ttg lagu ni. Belum dengar lagi. Sesekali tngok utube nak cer dengarlah... :)


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