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assalamualaikum and hello lads! alkisahnya semalam sangat bosan, aku mencari satu movie Hindi yang dah lama aku download tapi tak berkesempatan nak tengok. sebab gaya macam tak best. and obviously I thought wrong. punyalah feeling layan sampai menangis. hahaha. ceritanya simple je. tapi air mata berjurai keluar. nanti aku kasi ulasan dekat next entry. jom layan salah satu lagu dalam movie Sanam Teri Kasam ni. 

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Sanam Teri Kasam

without any limits, 
the heart has loved you only 
I have wished for you alone 
in every prayer of mine.

your going is like some curse, 
if you go far, I’ll die.. 
I swear on you, my beloved..

when I see you, 
my eyes get wet.. 
I swear on you, my beloved..

what condition I have reached 
that my patience has left me, 
I have never lived for even a moment 
away from you..

all night, 
my tears have called for you only, 
in every prayer 
I have asked for you only..

my heart is addicted to your intoxication, 
don’t betray me now, 
I am now so addicted to you, 
what’s my mistake here..

without you 
it’s not possible for me to live.. 
in every prayer, 
I have wished for you only..

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  1. peminat Hindustan ea?? sep sikit! hihihi.. baru semalam husna layan dhoom 3 sbb mmg tak tgk lg..

    ayat bawah profile amy, dalam cerita cinderella kan.. tp tak igt tajuk apa.. huhuhu..

    1. haha yes! sep! so macam mana DHoom 3? best tak? kita tengok tak berapa nak feel la. compare to Dhoom 2.

      yep. cerita Once Upon A Song. hehe.

  2. Singgah pagi rabu, klik iklan nuff and baca entry

  3. Replies
    1. hahaha aip. belum lagi. ni cerita ye. haha

  4. peminat Hindustan ni. .dh lama saya xlayan cita hindustan ni

    1. hahaha. memang pun. lama sangat dah minat Hindustan.

  5. dah lama tak singgah kat sini. akak dok kat feed amy hari ini.


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