How To Travel New Zealand On A Budget!

New Zealand is a beautiful country that is adorned by its beauty and at the same time, it is also widely known for being a bit expensive. But, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to travel on a budget. All it needs is proper planning and pre-booking that will allow you to plan a good budget trip.

How To Travel New Zealand On A Budget! 

Also, August is the perfect time when you can plan the best time in New Zealand. As this time, the month of August marks the end of the winter in New Zealand and the spring season starts. So, you can plan a good time in August where you will see very fewer people, as all tourists are back from their winter vacation, so you can enjoy quality time doing skiing in the ski fields, play with snow dumplings, and take part in several winter events and competitions.

Here are some tips on how to save your money while travelling to New Zealand and still enjoy some country’s finest locations and attractions.

#1. Getting around New Zealand!

Finding the cheapest medium to travel around the streets of New Zealand is pretty simple. Buses can be your cheapest travel option where you can roam around the streets without having to pay much money. Book a fully national coach service in New Zealand from InterCity and find regular fare deals online for various locations. You can roam around cities like Auckland and Wellington by getting a special travel pass and visit local attractions. 

If you’re looking for more of a hands-on approach, then consider these following ways to travel around New Zealand:

  • ·        Buy or rent a campervan
  • ·        Take a bus tour
  • ·        Hop-on hop-off buses
  • ·        Book train tickets to move around different cities in New Zealand
  • ·        Book plane ticket that offers around 25 domestic airports connected by flights in New Zealand
  • ·        Hitch-hiking is completely legal in New Zealand and pretty common practice among travellers.

#2. Cook up your own food!

The cost of food in New Zealand can come as a great shock for travellers. Eating it daily can cost you big budget about NZ$50-$100 on a day. The cheapest meal in New Zealand is McDonald’s or Burger King; it’ll cost you at least $5. Choosing fish and chips takeaway service will cost you at least $10 and more, and if you plan to sit down in a restaurant to eat nicely then it could range about $15. 

On the other hand, if you choose grocery shopping then it will help you keep your cost down about NZ$50 on a week. So, why not choose to cook yourself on the budget? There is no doubt that cooking your own food should be your top priority to have a budget vacation. 

To find the cheap grocery store you can visit the supermarket chain in New Zealand i.e. Pak n Save, also few other stores like Countdown and New World will also have regular weekly specials food items which you should keep an eye on.

#3. Find affordable Accommodation!


When you are out on a vacation and at a new place then it is difficult for you to afford a fancy mountain lodge or book a luxurious 5-star hotel. And that’s okay.

As you are spending on other activities, thereby you have to make efforts to save your money on accommodation. You can plan freedom camping/sleeping in a campervan or backpackers’ hostels as it is the best cheapest option to stay.

Finding hostels can be tricky as it may vary in pricing and complexity but still, they are much more affordable than any hotel and usually start at around NZ$20 per night. You can get a facility like privately-owned holiday parks and well-equipped with kitchenettes and more added facilities. 

The last point to note: if you plan to visit one of the top hotspots such as Queenstown, then make sure you have pre-booked in your accommodation so that you can save costs and avoid last minute rush.

#4. Choose your island wisely


New Zealand may be small, but when you visit here, you really want to experience all the best things there. The islands are at the top list that every traveller love to visit, but unfortunately, it can be a little expensive for any common traveller to include on their bucket list. 

If you’ve only got about a week time to spend in New Zealand then you must not forget to travel on New Zealand's island. Both the North and South Islands have their own unusual charm, by planning a trip there you will have a much more memorable time. The best main centers in New Zealand will allow you to have a budget-friendly trip with affordable attractions to visit. If you are opting to go to North then you can choose either Auckland or Wellington. And if you wish to travel South then you can choose Queenstown and Christchurch as these are the main arrival points in the South Island and offer lots of interesting scenes and liveliness in store.

#5. Buy essential items from Warehouse


The Warehouse offers everything at an affordable price. You can purchase almost anything at the warehouse including camping sets, clothes, shoes, stationery, toiletries, almonds, pecans, pine nuts, everything at terrific prices. 

You don't really have to shop at costly prices. At the warehouse, you can shop some crazy deals of clothes, books, and the most random bric-a-brac at the most decent prices.

#6. Enjoy New Zealand's best Nature


You really don't have to feel sad by not visiting New Zealand's famous corny attractions but you can have a great time enjoying New Zealand nature. Though the tourist attractions are fun but it can cost you tons of money. The best part about New Zealand is in its nature. Yes, there are some beautiful world’s best hiking tracks, and insane scenic roadways, lakes, waterfalls and exotic beaches to experience. 

You can plan best of the time trying some adventurous activities like  - hiking, laze by the beach, go for a drive, catch a dive in the delightful lake, feel amazed by New Zealand's natural beauty; you will really have a great time enjoying these places without missing out other paid activities. After all, as they say, "the best things in life are free".

Hope with the help of these budget tips, you have the best time in New Zealand by enjoying affordable things!

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