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Welcome to Amy Syeera blog.

Hello lads! My name is Amelia and I am the founder and traveler behind Travel Minimalist. Travel Minimalist exists as a place to share and guide people throughout their journey. what's more fun than traveling around the world huh! wink wink.

Where It All Started

minat untuk travel jadi makin mendalam sejak aku dapat peluang untuk menunaikan umrah pada tahun 2015. umrah ziarah ke Mesir. first time i was on a long hour flight and i love it! first time i've experienced different culture and lifestyle and i want to know more! since then, aku mula pasang angan untuk travel ke merata negara before memasuki alam rumah tangga. Alhamdulillah, Allah granted my wishes. I've been traveling to 18 countries in 4 years now already. so many sweet and bitter memories.

so, from lifestyle and entertainment blog, i change it to travel blog. and hopefully, there will be more adventures to come!


I'm not really good at it. but I learned a lot from professionals. the angle. the ISO. the speed and everything. in shaa ALLAH, one day nak jadi professional photographer juga. might as well making a video. who knows. pray for me! 


aku tak pernah berputus asa untuk jadi one of the travel advisor where i get to share and consult people on how to travel within specific budget. as well as travel juga! sambil travel, sambil kerja, sambil berkenalan dengan orang baru. ain't that fun!!

fast facts about me

an art lover. so, muzik ke movie ke fashion or lukisan, i'm into it. i can stare at a painting for a long time just to admire its beauty.

obsessed with boots,  white and gold, leather, and lace

i can read people's vibe

Bollywood lover since 3 years old

and yes, i'm getting married to the love of my life this year. doakan berjalan lancar ye :)

- My Life As A Student (MRSM)

- My Life As A Student 

.: Business Information Student:. (UTP)
.:Electrical Engineering Student:. (UNITEN)

- My Life As A Student (Intern)

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